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Our mission at The Herb House is to offer quality products for quality living by offering you the best natural supplements available on the market today.


We know first-hand that as you feel better, are healthier, filled with more life, vitality and energy, you’re not just able to function better, but you’re able to really live and have a better quality of life. We not only recommend the products we distribute, but we have used them ourselves finding our own quality of life richer and fuller. From personal experience as well as our seeing the results of these products help others; we decided to bring the best to you – the best natural supplements available! We are Independent Distributors for several major companies which offer the finest quality products available on the market for herbs, essential oils, homeopathic compounds and minerals. Some of these products are available online and others can be purchased in our store.

We also offer our own line of Signature and Premiere Personal Essential Oil Blends. The Signature Essential Oil Blends are only available at The Herb House. The Premiere Personal Essential Oil Blends are made on-site, customized personally for you, only The Herb House way. Lastly, we don’t want to leave you guessing to try figure out what is right for you, that’s why you can call The Herb House and schedule and appointment for your personal pH Balance Test; that way you can know you’re on the right track to help support your body and takes steps towards a better quality of life. Call for an appointment (407) 673-8345.

The Herb House is an Independent Distributor for the following Companies: We find them to be the best natural supplements available today!

Nature’s Sunshine Products
Newton Homeopathics
Pure Herbs Liquid Extracts
Energique Products
Cili Health Products


Nature’s Sunshine
Nature’s Sunshine offers Quality Products with Integrity receiving accolades from major magazines
applauding various aspects of their company including outstanding quality and manufacturing excellence.
Visit The Herb House in Winter Park, FL. OR Buy Nature’s Sunshine Products Online Now.
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Independent Distributor For Nature’s Sunshine’s Products
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Newton Homeopathics
Newton Homeopathics is a company dedicating to high quality homeopathic compounds. The Herb House understands the necessity of quality and integrity and want to offer you only the best which is why we offer Newton Homeopathics in our store. Visit The Herb House in Winter Park, FL.

Newton Homeopathic Products


Pure Herbs
Pure Herbs is a company dedicating to making high quality liquid extract compounds to support body functions. We, The Herb House, focusing on product quality in our customers best interest, are an Independent Distributor for Pure Herbs, LTD. You may purchase their products at our store: Visit The Herb House in Winter Park, FL.

Pure Herbs Products


Energique is a quality company focusing on homeopathics, herbal compounds, essential oils and nutritional supplements. From the Heartland of USA, with a high commitment to product excellence, The Herb House is also an Independent Distributor for these products directly from our store. Visit The Herb House in Winter Park, FL.
Energique Health Products


Cili Health Products
Cili Health Products include liquid minerals, functional foods and a selection of natural supplements and products. Their line of liquid minerals, Cili Minerals, are among the most effective products in the world. Manufactured in the U.S., Cili Health liquid minerals are characterized by their angstrom sized mineral particles in double reverse osmosis water with zero point technology, providing for rapid absorption and effect. The Herb House is also an Independent Distributor for these products directly from our store. Visit The Herb House in Winter Park, FL.

Cili Health Products