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Energique Homeopathics

Energique Homeopathics

Energique Homeopathics

While there are many providers of homeopathic products, we here at the Herb House, after 25 + years of research, experience and use, have found Energique homeopathics to be among the best quality and most effective. As a provider of natural healthcare products since 1987, Energique has one of the largest and top-of-the-line inventories of single homeopathic remedies in the U.S. as well as combination formulas designed for specific health conditions. Energique homeopathics resonate with the body’s energies and are used daily by healthcare professionals such as chiropractors, midwives, naturopathic doctors, traditional physicians, dentists, veterinarians, and massage therapists, in their practices and clinics.

Homeopathy, a 200 year-old form of natural medicine uses micro-doses of a substance such as herbs or flowers to stimulate the body’s own healing powers.  Energique provides only the highest quality natural remedies. New products are field tested by independent doctors and clinics for safety and reliability of anticipated results. For products manufactured for Energique, the Company employs suppliers who use chemical-free environments and adhere to classical principles of homeopathic preparation. These natural remedies make a difference in people’s whole health every day.

Energique homeopathics fall into different categories based on their function. Highlighted here for you are those products we commonly recommend, use and sell here at the Herb House.

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Energique Stats (Detoxifiers)

Energique Stats (Detoxifiers) are formulated to stimulate your body’s elimination of many toxic substances. Some target specific toxins while others target specific organs or body systems. To assist the body in expelling toxins released at the cellular level, each Energique Homeopathic Detoxifier has its own built-in drainage remedies. In today’s world, toxins are much more present in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. This presents significant challenges to our body systems.  As a result, the organs of elimination, in many people, have become overwhelmed with the constant challenge of eliminating the toxins they are knowingly — or unknowingly — forced to deal with daily. As pollutants overwhelm the body’s detoxification system, the immune system is negatively impacted often leading to chronic or serious illness.

Note: If you are especially toxic or sick when starting a detoxification program, it may be more appropriate to target specific organs or body systems for detoxification. Be cautious and patient. Attempting to reach your goals too quickly can lead to significant problems; but, allowing time for the body to restore its balance should alleviate potential discomfort and reduce the potential of toxins re-lodging. If a dysfunctional organ of elimination, such as a toxic liver, is called upon to expel even more toxins than normal, it will typically fall short, causing the released toxins to go back into the system, where they can re-lodge in another area of the body, and possibly be even more damaging than if they had remained in their original location.

BacteStat – supports the body’s detoxification from various bacterial infections and offers temporary relief of fever, sore throat and acute irritation of the bladder.

CancordiStat – Supports the body’s detoxification from various candida infections. It provides temporary relief from bloating of the stomach, flatulence, or rhinitis.

DentaStat – One of Energique’s most important formula’s, this supports the body’s detoxification of mercury and other dental toxins. While DentaStat can’t correct all issues associated with dental metals, it is a powerful tool in detoxifying your body before and after you have amalgams removed. It can provide temporary relief of pain and minor inflammation in the mouth or on the gums following dental procedures and much more. Improves digestion and liver health, supports immune function and soothes and heals GI tract tissues.

FunguStat I – Supports your body in the detoxification of various molds and fungi (aspergili). It provides temporary relief from heartburn and distention, burning on urination, flatulence and apathy and improves digestion issues associated with fungal conditions.

GenStat – Supports the body’s detoxification of elimination centers. In most cases, this is the remedy to start with when beginning any detoxification program. GenStat may be helpful for the following issues: Sudden urge to urinate, lowered metabolism, dry and croupy cough, abdominal bloating, constipation alternating with diarrhea, muscle stiffness, soreness and/or pain and general detoxification.

ParaStat – Supports the body’s detoxification of various parasites. It offers temporary relief of itching, colic, bloating, pain and constipation.

TobaccoStat – Supports the body’s detoxification of tobacco intoxication.

VacciStat – Supports the body’s detoxification from commonly used vaccination. May be helpful for the temporary relief of skin irritation, dry cough, eczema and fever; although it may also be beneficial for a wider range of problems. While VacciStat can’t make vaccines more effective, VacciStat can help reduce the negative effects associated with vaccination.

Energique Sinutone HP

Energique Tonifiers (Tones)

Energique Tonifiers (Tones) are formulated to cleanse and purify various body systems gently so as not to cause the immediate release of cellular toxins. These are most applicable for the seriously ill, or those with acute conditions. Drainage remedies are included in each formula to help the body expel released toxins.

Sinutone is used for chronic sinus infection, inflammation and pain. It offers relief of allergic rhinitis with runny nose, nasal mucous with yellow green discharge, pain and swelling of sinus cavities and postnasal drip.

Energique Pars (Glandular/Organ)

Energique Pars (Glandular/Organ) stimulate the body’s various endocrine glands and/or organs to improve their functioning. Drainage remedies are built in to support the area being addressed.

Adrenapar  supports proper adrenal gland function.  It may be helpful for the temporary relief of nervous exhaustion, fatigue and forgetfullness.

Drainpar was formulated to support liver, lymph and kidney function thereby helping the body to drain congested areas. It may be helpful in the following situations:  sudden urge to urinate, lowered metabolism, dry or croupy cough, abdominal bloating and constipation alternating with diarrhea.

Immunopar is formulated to relieve painful sore throat, painful earache and minor bronchial irritation with yellow expectorate. Immunopar supports the immune system. 

Lymphdrainex is for the temporary relief of symptoms of acute or chronic lymphatic congestion, general immune support and lymphatic drainage.

Energique 5 HTP

Energique Phenolic (Desensitizer)

Phenolic formulas assist the body in desensitizing itself to the various foods associated with the phenolic rings in each formulation, helping to reduce allergenic responses in some individuals.

5 HTP is the active form of tryptophan, an essential amino acid. It functions as the precursor to serotonin, and has a definite antidepressant effect. Like serotonin, 5-HTP Phenolic is beneficial for control of sleep disorders. It also influences the large intestine (where most serotonin in the body is found), and may assist in neutralizing bloating and constipation.

Cortisol Phenolic – Cortisol, produced by the adrenal gland, helps the body use sugar (glucose) and fat for energy (metabolism), manage stress to inhibit ACTH secretions (negative feedback mechanism) and maintain blood pressure. Imbalances in cortisol levels may indicate problems with adrenal or pituitary glands. Cortisol phenolic is formulated to support adrenal gland function.

Dopamine Phenolic – see L-Dopa PH below.

Gaba Phenolic is beneficial for neutralizing anger and hostility which could influence blood pressure levels.

L-Dopa Phenolic is a chemical used in tandem with Dopamine, or other neurotransmitters, in neurological balancing mode. Both L-Dopa and Dopamine share the same symptoms.  One or the other will have some or all of the effect on symptoms. Both of these chemicals cause problems with Parkinson’s, and their neutralization may somewhat relieve the symptoms associated with it.  Additionally, chronic anxiety, depression, and, occasionally, arrhythmia are benefited. In foods, L-Dopa and Dopamine are found to cause something called enzymatic browning in fruits and vegetables, such as bananas and apples.

Serotonin Phenolic is commonly useful for depression and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Its neutralization has been beneficial in controlling insomnia and its reverse: drowsiness.

Energique Miasms

Classically trained homeopaths are taught to identify the true foundation of illness, which can be traced to an individual’s inherited and acquired weaknesses. These weaknesses can be thought of as predispositions to various illness and/or environmental factors. The ability to ascertain a remedy appropriate for a specific case requires years of study and practice.

Inflammation    This anti-inflammatory homeopathic offers relief of arthritis, rheumatism, joint pain, allergies, irritation of eyes and general inflammation.

Energique Acne  HP

Energique High Potency (HP)

Energique High Potency (HP) series of 30x and higher potency (such as 200x) combination formulas are designed to be used after the lower potencies have ceased to be effective in promoting healing and detoxification reactions or when the lower potencies no longer test. They provide a deeper penetration of the body’s energy layers and stimulate the detoxification system, helping to release deeper toxins and promote higher levels of healing. They may be considered for initial use in place of lower potencies when addressing chronic conditions.

Acne HP temporarily relieves acne symptoms.

ADD HP relieves Attention Deficit Disorder symptoms, learning disabilities and hyperactivity.

Anxiety Spray temporarily relieves fearfulness and restlessness and is an overall great homeopathic stress relief formula.

Anxiety HP temporarily relieves anxiety, nervousness and stress and is an overall great homeopathic stress relief formula.

Asthma HP relieves symptoms due to constriction of the chest and asthma.

Eczema HP temporarily relieves symptoms due to skin irritation, eczema and chronic skin eruptions.

Grippe HP temporary relieves symptoms from influenza or other viral infections.

Headache HP relieves symptoms due to tension and pressure of the head, headache.

Insomnia HP relieves insomnia and promotes restful sleep.

Sciatica HP relieves sciatic nerve pain and back and leg pain.

Teething HP temporarily relieves teething discomfort.

V HP is for chronic viral infections. It helps relieve symptoms due to lowered immune response and chronic fatigue from recurring viral infection.

Energique Allercom

Energique Liquefied Herbals (Coms)

Energique Liquefied Herbals (Coms) are herbal singles and combinations derived from the highest quality botanicals available. These raw materials are then processed using the Spagyric extraction process which is slow, complex and done in multiple phases. The yield is botanical products of superior quality high in tannins, essential oils and minerals salts that make its use so effective.

Allercom fortifies the respiratory system

Cough Calm – This herbal combination of black cherry, licorice, mullein, coltsfoot, irish moss, marshmallow, plantain, thyme and honey offers relief for coughing.

Ginkgocom fortifies the circulatory system and brain.

Red Yeast promotes blood circulation, soothes upset stomach, invigorates spleen function, lowers cholesterol, and is helpful for bruised muscles, hangovers, indigestion and colic in infants.

Energique Calming Formula

Energique’s Rainforest Botanicals

Calming Formula – This combination of mulungu, passion-flower, lemon balm, damiana, tayuua root is helpful in treating hyperactive children by calming and soothing the nerves, easing jitters and palpitations.

Lemon Balm is used for many different things including easing anxiety, mood disorders, nervous agitation, stress, insomnia and other sleeping problems, tension, toothaches, cold sores, skin eruptions, mad dog bites, crooked necks, palpitation, gas, nausea and vomiting, sickness during pregnancy, menstrual cramps, PMS, urinary spasms and functional gastrointestinal complaints. It is helpful in dressing wounds and in fighting bronchial inflammation, earache, fever, flatulence, headaches, high blood pressure, and influenza. Lemon Balm also helps promote mental clarity, memory and attention span, and improves concentration, relaxation and sleep patterns. It has antiviral properties and helps regulate thyroid hormone production.

Stress Formula – This homeopathic stress relief formula combines botanicals from the Amazon rainforest including Muira Puama stem to support nervous system function, catuaba bark to fortify the nervous system, baccharis trimera (carqueja) aerial parts to ease pain and inflammation, roman chamomile flower to promote calm and serenity with increased mental awareness, mulungu leaf/stem to promote calming, espinheira santa leaf and stem to ease ulcers, damiana leaf which is an aphrodisiac and helps relieve anxiety, nervousness and mild depression, and passionflower to promote relaxation, ease anxiety and nervousness. Overall, this homeopathic stress relief formula works to combat emotional fatigue and maintain balance in high-stress situations. It may also help in the prevention of headaches, nervousness and poor mood.

Energique Flower Essences

Edward Bach MB., B.S., D.P.H., who developed his flower remedies 60 years ago, was a highly successful bacteriologist and physician. English Potentized Flower Essences serve as emotional balancers requiring the proper remedy be selected on an individualized basis. They are available in 30c or 200c potencies with Distilled Water and 20% Ethanol. This is how Dr. Bach describes how his 38 flower remedies work:

“The action of these remedies is to raise our vibrations and open up our channels for the reception of the Spiritual Self to flood our nature with the particular virtue we need, and wash out from us the fault that is causing the harm. They are able, like beautiful music of any glorious uplifting thing which gives us inspiration, to raise our very natures, and bring us nearer to our souls and by that very act to bring us peace and relieve our sufferings. They cure, not by attacking the disease, but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of our Higher Nature, in the presence of which, disease melts away as snow in the sunshine. There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind, and inner happiness.”

Arnica helps reduce pain and swelling associated with bruises, aches, arthritis, falls and sprains, and muscles and cartilage. It also helps relieve sore mouth and throat, chapped lips, acne, insect bites, painful and swollen veins near the skins surface and sore gums after wisdom teeth removal. It also acts as an antibiotic.

Crisis Comfort quickly eases fear, panic, severe mental or physical stress, nervous tension and pain.

Multi-flower is a combination of all the English flower essences and offers temporary relief of emotional conflicts.

Energique Cell Salts

Based on the work of Dr. Schuessler, a 19th Century German homeopath, these cell salts offer you a unified healing system that gains strength and momentum with time (the longer you use them, the more effect you will see). There are twelve bio-chemic cell salts. Each cell salt has its own purpose in helping to bring body cells to a natural balance. All twelve taken in conjunction may help to retain that balance.

Calcarea Flourica (Calcium Flouride) also known as Calc. Flour is necessary to retain proper elasticity of tissues. It may be useful for enlarged varicose veins, hemorrhoids and other conditions caused by over-relaxed fibers of connective tissues. It is also found in teeth enamel and bone surfaces and might be useful for the treatment of cracked skin, muscle strain, backache and torn ligaments. It may also assist normal blood circulation and the strengthening of blood vessels. If you are looking for a homeopathic treatment for psoriasis, you may notice improvements by using Calc Flour along with Calc Sulph.

Calcarea Phosphoricum (Calcium phosphate) also known as Calc. Phos is beneficial where digestion and nutrient assimilation are a problem. This may include growing children and those who do not put weight on easily. Calc Phos is present in large quantities in bones and teeth and as such could assist in the treatment of broken bones, osteoporosis, osteomalacia, curvature of the spine and other bone diseases. It may also be beneficial during teething, puberty, convalescence and for the temporary relief of menstrual cramps, especially in young girls.

Calcarea Sulphorica 3X (Calcium sulphate) also known as Calc. Sulph is a constituent of connective tissue, mucous membranes and skin. As a powerful blood purifier, it may assist in clearing the body of unwanted accumulations including skin eruptions during the last stages of suppuration, such as pimples, blackheads, swollen glands, carbuncles and abscesses. It may also be useful for slow wound healing where inflammation or infection are evident. If you are looking for a homeopathic treatment for psoriasis, you may notice improvements by using Calc Sulph and Calc Flour together.

Ferrum Phosphoricum 3X (Iron phosphate) also known as Ferr. Phos has been referred to as the oxygen carrier because of its ability to carry oxygen to all the cells of the body for use in the conversion to energy. Ferrum phos may be used for proper absorption and utilization of iron and so may assist in the treatment of tiredness caused by anemia, and in cases where there is excessive loss of blood such as in wounds where copious amounts of blood are lost, heavy nosebleeds or menstruation. It may also be extremely useful for temporary relief of mild fever, inflammation and common respiratory complaints.

Kali Muriaticum (Potassium chloride) also known as Kali. Mur may be used for relieving mucus congestion during colds and sinusitis, or where there is any thick white or grayish colored discharge. It may be especially useful for problems such as sore throat, tonsillitis, catarrhal infections of the middle ear, thrush, pleurisy and for problems with swollen glands. It is often used in conjunction with Ferrum Phos.

Kali Phosphoricum (Potassium phosphate) also known as Kali. Phos is a constituent of nerve and brain cells and may be useful in nerve related illnesses such as emotional irritability, menopausal mood swings, depression, nervousness, children’s tantrums, mental exhaustion and tiredness. It may also be useful for cases of insomnia where sleeplessness is due to the inability of the brain to ‘slow down’ and in cases of extreme stress. This cell salt might also be useful for the temporary relief of tension headaches and assisting the treatment of shingles. This makes Kali Phos a great homeopathic stress relief remedy.

Kali Sulphuricum (Potassium sulphate) also known as Kali. Sulph may be useful when used with Ferrum Phos as it is also a carrier of oxygen. It may provide a beneficial effect for many respiratory and circulatory functions. It could be of some assistance where discharges have a yellowish or greenish appearance, especially from the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth. Minor skin eruptions such as dandruff, dermatitis and chicken pox might also benefit from this cell salt.

Magnesium Phosphorica (Magnesium Phosphate) also known as Mag Phos is a major mineral element of bones, teeth, brain, nerves and muscle cells. It may be important in assisting treatment of certain types of neuralgia. It may also offer relief where cramping is a problem. This may include menstruation, cramps due to sporting injuries, chest cramps, leg and feet cramps. Spasmodic and convulsive complaints such as colic, palpitations, toothache, acute general pains, hiccups, uncontrollable twitching and limb jerking might also benefit from this cell salt. Magnesium Phosphate works well with Calcium Phosphate.

Natrum Muriaticum (Sodium Chloride) also referred to as Nat. Mur has been referred to as the ‘water salt’. As a regulator of moisture in the cells it is useful in conditions where there may be too little or too much water (this does not include fluid retention). Water colds, tissue dryness, edema, excessive salivation and urination and the tendency to cry easily are all conditions where there may be an excess of water in the cells. Too little water may result in decreased amounts of digestive fluids, dry psoriasis, inadequate lubrication of the vagina or constipation. People who need this cell salt often crave salt or become extremely thirsty.

Natrum Phosphorica (Sodium Phosphate) also known as Nat. Phos is helpful for maintaining the alkalinity of the blood. In people where there may be an excess of acidity, this cell salt may be of some use. These types of problems include arthritis, gout, gastric indigestion, dyspepsia and heartburn. It might also be of some use to children who have been fed too much sugar, to some cases of nausea and also where intestinal worms are a problem.

Natrum Sulphuricum (sodium sulphate) also known as Nat. Sulph is used to balance the body’s overall water content. It may be of assistance in cases of mild fluid retention as it encourages the kidneys to pass urine. Sodium Sulphate might also help in some cases of gout, jaundice, biliousness, digestive discomfort and may even assist in dispelling the languid feels often displayed during periods of humid weather. Used in conjunction with Silica, this cell salt may be of benefit to sufferers of asthma.

Silicea also known as Silica, is a biochemic cleanser and this cell salt may assist in the suppuration and elimination of waste. It may help to bring toxic accumulations to a head as with boils, abscesses, etc. It might also assist where there is excessive perspiration, where bones are brittle and break easily and to improve the strength of hair, skin and nails. It may also be beneficial for relieving constipation. Silicea is also a good homeopathic treatment for psoriasis.

Multi-cell salt is a combination of all the above 12 cell salts of the body.  Formulated to include different strengths of each cell salt, it offers you maximum benefit in one formula. Together, these 12 cell salts are helpful in bringing balance on the cellular level, and are helpful for the temporary relief of symptoms resulting from imbalances in cellular structure. Multi-cell salt can also be a helpful homeopathic treatment for psoriasis.