Use Herbs for Weight Loss, One of the Best Ways to Lose Weight!

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Lose Weight Naturally with Herbs

Use Herbs for Weight Loss, One of the Best Ways to Lose Weight!

Weight loss, often associated with other health conditions, takes a truly multifaceted and holistic approach. Each individual is unique with their own genetic make-up, experiences, habits and choices. What works for someone, doesn’t always work for another, but there are aspects to weight loss common among everyone.

Finding the best ways to lose weight revolves around specific issues that once addressed and integrated into a weight loss plan, will help each unique individual to accomplish their specific weight loss goals. These issues include appetite/satiety, metabolism, blood sugar balance/snacking, cleansing/digestion, emotional support/stress, energy/hormones, and water retention/hydration. While some of these issues can be intertwined, many people know their vices and virtues related to weight issues. In other cases, there may be underlying causes difficult to pinpoint. An herbalist or nutritionist can help you discover the areas in which supplementing with herbs will help you achieve your weight loss goals. Affiliate disclosure: we receive compensation when you purchase or sign up through our links, see Disclaimer for details.

For the purposes of this article, we will focus on helping you find the best supplements for weight loss that address each of these issues. While there are countless supplements and weight loss products available in the market, we can recommend what we have in our 20+ years of research, experience and use, found to be some of the best weight loss products on the market – those made by Nature’s Sunshine. Affiliate disclosure: we receive compensation when you purchase or sign up through our links, see Disclaimer for details. Learn more about Nature’s Sunshine Quality here. When used as guided, you will find that using herbs for weight loss is one of the most effective and best ways to lose weight!

Herbs for Weight Loss: Appetite/Satiety

During active weight loss, your body needs more protein. Drinking a protein shake as a replacement for breakfast lunch or dinner is considered to be one of the best supplements for weight loss. Your body gets the protein and vital nutrients it needs without the unnecessary extras actos 15 mg. Key nutrients such as chromium and fiber also help to curb your appetite. Check out some of Nature’s Sunshine excellent protein shake and fiber options as one of the best ways to lose weight! Click Here for Meal Replacement Options.

Love and Peas provides 20 grams of pea and vegetable protein per serving and 75% of the Daily Value of 18 essential vitamins and minerals. It also offers a balanced amino acid profile, contains no dairy, lactose or gluten and is certified vegan.

Nature’s Harvest provides 13 grams vegetable protein per serving and 75% of the Daily Value of essential vitamins and minerals. This certified vegan mix also features a blend of greens and super foods, fibers, antioxidants, nutritious herbs and enzymes.

Fat Grabbers, one of Nature’s Sunshine’s patented weight management formulas contains guar gum and psyllium, both of which are fibers that expand in water and help you feel full. Lecithin breaks fat into smaller particles that can be trapped in the fibers and eliminated from the body before being digested.

Stixated appetite control mix satisfy’s cravings between meals and promotes a feeling of fullness. This berry flavored powder has 3 grams of vegetable fiber blend in each serving along with 600 mcg of the trace mineral chromium to help balance blood sugar levels. Garcinia cambogia helps promote satiety.

Herbs for Weight Loss: Metabolism

Rev up your metabolism to increase the rate that your body burns calories and breaks down fat.

Ultra Therm and Ultra Therm CF (Caffeine Free) combines powerful herbs to increase calorie burn while helping your body break down fat and inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates. Both formulas feature: green coffee bean extract to help block sugar absorption, promote feelings of fullness and support blood sugar levels already in the normal range; and green tea leaf extract to inhibit fat absorption and support heart and brain health and healthy aging. Ultra Therm adds a sustained-release energy blend containing 150 mg caffeine per serving for safe, lasting energy support all day, plus increased calorie burn rate. Ultra Therm CF is designed to speed up metabolism by increasing the hormone adiponectin. Secreted mostly by white adipose tissue, adiponectin levels tend to be lower in individuals who are overweight. We here at the Herb House recommend Ultra Therm as the best supplement for weight loss to help you effectively achieve your goals.

Herbs for Weight Loss: Blood sugar balance/snacking

Blood sugar balance is vital to help you lose weight and curb your cravings for sugar and carbohydrates.

Blood Sugar Formula is an Ayurvedic herbal formula that helps strengthen pancreatic function, improves glucose metabolism, and increases insulin sensitivity. Blood Sugar Formula is designed to assist those with diabetes in regulating blood sugar levels and to reduce associated symptoms. The herbs in this formula also improve digestions, strengthen the liver, purify the blood, lower cholesterol, reduce fever and inflammation, and provide astringent and mild diuretic actions.

Carbo Grabbers with Chromium aids weight-management efforts by blocking the absorption of carbohydrates and promoting healthy blood sugar regulation. Chromium, a trace mineral necessary for healthy insulin functioning, plays an essential role increasing the body’s sensitivity to insulin. In order to facilitate weight-loss, the body’s cells need to become more receptive to insulin, which is critical for maintaining balanced blood sugar levels and stimulating thermogenesis – the burning of fat stores for energy. Without chromium, the action of insulin is inhibited, resulting in elevated blood sugar levels and decreased thermogenesis. Chromium is regarded as a key component for effective weight loss.

Stixated appetite control mix is designed to satisfy cravings between meals and promote a feeling of fullness. This berry flavored powder has 600 mcg of the trace mineral chromium to help balance blood sugar levels and garcinia cambogia to promote satiety.

Herbs for Weight Loss: Cleansing/Digestion

Cleansing is so important when on a weight loss program. As your fat cells are burned, they will release toxins into your bloodstream, and your body needs help removing them.

CleanStart, Nature’s Sunshine most comprehensive cleanse kit, supports elimination and colon health, soothes bowel tissue, helps counteract toxins and prevent odor, encourages the elimination of pollutants and more. It provides a sense of improved energy and well-being.

Dieter’s Cleanse provides dietary fiber, promotes natural elimination and detoxification of the bowel, supports the production of digestive enzymes and bile, nourishes the liver and glandular system, promotes detoxification and supports the body’s weight-management mechanisms. Some call it the superhero of cleansing.

Nature’s Three is a terrific way to add more fiber to your diet with psyllium hulls, apple fiber and oat bran. Nature’s Three promotes regular and healthy bowel movements.

Tiao He Cleanse combines Chinese wisdom and Western herbal experience to bring the body back into balance. This popular whole-body cleanse targets the intestinal, digestive and circulatory systems and features herbs that help nourish and balance the liver.

Flower Essences and Herbs for Weight Loss: Emotional Support/Stress

Emotions are one of the main barriers to losing weight. Nature’s Sunshine has formulated some excellent herbal formulas and flower essence extracts to support the nervous system and emotional balance.

Some of Nature’s Sunshine best herbs for weight loss related to stress include:

AnxiousLess formula features an extract of a South African herb (Sceletium tortuosum) that provides unique benefits to the nervous system. It also includes nutrients such as the amino acid l-theanine (possesses calmative properties), zinc, magnesium and vitamin B1, which are often found depleted in those feeling overanxious. This product supplies the body with natural stress-coping reserves, helps quickly ease anxiousness without drowsiness, promotes feelings of confidence and security, improves mood while helping to reduce fatigue, and is safe and non-habit forming.

Mood Elevator TCM encourages an overall sense of well-being. According to Traditional Chinese medicine, when the liver is functioning at its peak, positive mood may be attained.

5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) is a precursor to serotonin, an important neurotransmitter that helps regulate appetite, mood and sleep. 5-HTP Power blend helps the body adapt to stress.

Nature’s Cortisol Formula features Relora which helps the body manage stress and maintain cortisol levels already within the normal range. It also contains DHEA, a hormone precursor that interacts with the adrenal glands, which may affect cortisol production. Another key ingredient, l-theanine, also supports the body during times of stress.

Nature’s Sunshine flower essences for weight loss related to emotions include:

Distress Remedy – a general remedy for restoring presence and awareness during shock or trauma. It helps you stay calm in a crisis situation.

Keep Cool – Helpful for people who feel irritated, impatient and easily lose their temper. Promotes forgiveness, tolerance and acceptance of others, and open and loving communication.

Find Strength – Helps people who are being abused to recognize the abuse and stand up to it. Also helps people to set healthy boundaries for others and have the courage to communicate openly and honestly in relationships.

Release It – Helpful for people who are going through breakups, divorce or death of loved ones. Also helpful for people who are “victims” and blame others for their problems. Helps people find comfort, let go of the past and have hope and confidence to face the future.

Open Heart is for people who are “hard of heart” due to unresolved wounds from relationship and/or childhood. Helps a person face their suppressed emotional pain and grief and find emotional healing. Also helps to open a person up to love, warmth and vulnerability again.

Be Courageous is for people who allow their fears to paralyze them in life and give up control to authority figures instead of trusting their own judgment. Helps people make decisions and develop courage to act in the face of fear. Also helps to bolster self-confidence to pursue the goals and directions they desire in life.

Be Response-able helps people who get caught up in addictive, obsessive or self-destructive behaviors. Helps them get in touch with the inner emotions that are driving their behavior, and promotes greater self-responsibility to move their life in a more positive direction.

Herbs for Weight Loss: Energy/Hormones

It is a well-known fact that glandular system imbalances directly plays in to weight issues. Our modern American diets are significantly lacking in iodine, an important nutrient for healthy thyroid function. Two hormones, T4 and T3, both made by the thyroid affect body temperature and metabolism. When the thyroid gland doesn’t make enough hormones to meet the body’s needs, metabolism slows down. Common symptoms of low thyroid function include weight gain, a puffy face, cold intolerance, joint and muscle pain, constipation, dry skin, dry thinning hair, decreased sweating, depression, slowed heart rate, elevated cholesterol, fatigue, hoarse voice, difficulty concentrating, heavy or irregular menstrual cycles and impaired fertility. Too little iodine in the diet is the most common cause of low thyroid function. Some supplements to support your glandular system include:

Thyroid Support – Provides raw glandular extracts, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, along with kelp and nettles, to nourish the thyroid gland and enhance the actions of thyroid hormones to support a healthy metabolism.

7-Keto stimulates thyroid production and supports weight management goals. May increase the production of thyroid hormone T-3, and is especially great for plateaus. The key ingredients in this supplement are 7-Keto and Chickweed leaf extract. 7-Keto is a safe, natural metabolite of DHEA that does not convert into testosterone or estrogens. In weight loss, 7-Keto may lower the body’s weight set-point making it easier to maintain weight loss. It is also boosts the body’s production of antibodies and cytokines, stimulating a stronger immune system.

Adrenal Support is formulated with a unique adrenal glandular substance, along with a synergistic blend of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and adaptogenic herbs specially formulated to nourish and strengthen the adrenal glands and to promote glandular function.

Herbs for Weight Loss: Water Retention/Hydration

Maintaining a healthy water balance in your body is important for weight loss. Health issues related to water imbalance include digestion, constipation, lymphatic congestion, respiratory and kidney problems, pain and mood and brain health. Hydration recommendations include:

  1. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day.
  2.  Drink one or two glasses of water 20-30 minutes prior to eating to help the digestive process.
  3. Avoid caffeinated and alcoholic beverages as well as sodas which dehydrate the body.
  4. Avoid sugar laden sodas, fruit juices and other beverages high in simple sugars. These increase insulin levels to drive the sugars out and use the body’s water storages to flush the excess sugar.
  5. Avoid sugar substitutes such as aspartame which uses the brains energy stores and increases hunger and sugar cravings.
  6. If you are overweight, try drinking a glass of water anytime you feel hungry. If you still feel hungry 20-30 minutes later, go ahead and eat. You’ll eat less when you drink more water.

Constipation and water retention can contribute to excess weight. Some of the best supplements for weight loss related to these issues include:

Lymphatic Drainage and Kidney Activator are both used for lymphatic congestion and water retention. A great remedy is to take ½ teaspoon of each and put in a quart of water, sipping 1 or 2 quarts of these throughout the day.

Combination Potassium – While water retention may be a final effort by the body to hold onto water when it is severely dehydrated, conventional wisdom says, “avoid salt and drink less water”. Instead drink more water and take Combination Potassium which contains natural sodium and potassium salts to help the body flush water.

Taking KB-C along with more water will help the kidneys flush the acid waste of metabolism out of the bloodstream thereby relieving issues such as anemia, arthritis, backache, constipation, diabetes, diarrhea, dizziness, edema, fatigue, frequent urination, impotence, incontinence, insomnia, involuntary ejaculation, leg pain, liver problems, low sex drive, menstrual irregularities, muscle weakness, respiratory conditions, rheumatism, uterine bleeding and miscarriage.

By now, you have likely discovered they key issues you need to address to choose your best supplements for weight loss. Each of the supplements described above have distinct functions to help you achieve your ideal body weight based on your body’s specific needs. While this is not a comprehensive list, we’ve highlighted these as some of the best herbs for weight loss on the market and one of the best ways to lose weight – completely natural and safe!


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