What is Detoxification? What Are Some Ways to Detox Your Body?

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How to Detox and Cleanse Your Body

What is Detoxification?

Every person, everywhere, is exposed to toxins in their environment – some, more than others. Toxins are chemicals or poisons known to have harmful effects on the body and can come from food, water, chemicals on or in our food, or from the air we breathe. Toxins may also be produced from bacteria, viruses, parasites and yeast overgrowth.  Detoxification (a detox) or cleansing (a cleanse) is the process of eliminating toxic substances from our body. While our digestive, lymphatic and circulatory systems all play key roles in this process, the five primary cleansing and detoxifying eliminatory organs are the liver, kidneys, lungs, bowels and skin. They all work together to ultimately eliminate toxins through sweat, urine and feces. Because we are exposed to a significant number of toxins daily, our natural detoxification processes cannot always keep up. This is especially true if any of our body’s organs are compromised and unable to properly filter out the impurities. Each cell in our body becomes susceptible to the affects of toxic overload. Detoxification helps facilitate our body’s natural cleansing process to remove toxins in the body by:

  • Stimulating the liver to drive out toxins
  • Promoting elimination by the intestines, skin, and kidneys
  • Improving the blood circulation
  • Refueling the body with healthy nutrients

Now that we have addressed “What is Detoxification?”, let’s explore some ways to cleanse your body!

What Are Some Ways to Detox Your Body?

Though our bodies are built to naturally eliminate toxins, sometimes we need to take specific measures to ensure our bodies cleanse properly and to prevent negative effects of toxic build. Forming healthy life habits and using self-discipline go a long way in facilitating your body’s natural detoxification abilities but even these measures alone may not be enough. You may need the help of a good detox regimin or program.

While there are many ways to detox your body, this article is specifically highlighting herbal supplement detox formulas, along with additional detox tools to enhance the herbal program, making it as effective as possible.  Detoxing with a good herbal and supplement program will not only stimulate your body to naturally eliminate toxins, but will support and nourish you with essential nutrients vital during a cleanse.

  1. Find a good quality Herbal and/or Supplemental cleanse. We suggest Nature’s Sunshine Cleanse Products because of Nature’s Sunshine Quality and Company Integrity.
  2. Hydrate sufficiently. This helps eliminate toxins in the body more effectively and efficiently.
  3. Prepare and drink fresh homemade vegetable juices daily. They contain more nutrients and are absorbed into and assimilated by the body more quickly.
  4. Eat and juice green leafy vegetables. This is one of the proven ways to cleanse the body of toxins. Greens contain enzymes that improve digestion and nutrient absorption. Lots of nutrients are required for effective detoxification including folic acid, riboflavin, thiamin, beta carotene, vitamin B12, vitamin C, calcium, vitamin E, copper, iron, germanium, molybdenum, manganese, zinc, sulphur, and selenium.
  5. Eat an apple. The pectin binds toxins in the intestines and escorts them out.
  6. Eat blueberries. Rich in anthcyanins, blueberries help reduce inflammation and allergy symptoms.
  7. Exercise. Exercise stimulates the circulatory, digestive, lymphatic, and respiratory systems speeding up detoxification and elimination through sweating.
  8. Enjoy a sauna or hot yoga which speed up detox by causing you to sweat a lot.
  9. Enjoy an Ionic Foot Bath- A BEST Energy Ionic Foot bath boosts bodily energy, allowing it to reach its full potential. Positive and negative energy fields are transferred into the water and the body absorbs that energy which is then used by the body to detox and cleanse. A BEST Energy Foot bath begins the detoxification process on three levels: through the colon, urinary system and skin respectively. Come on in for yours today! (407) 673.8377.
  10. Get a Massage. Massage loosens stored toxins, making it easier for your body to eliminate them.
  11. Breathe Deeply. According to some studies, oxygen has the capability to kill viruses and bacteria and helps you feel more energized.
  12. Be optimistic. Laughter helps reduce stress induced chemicals and increase endorphins which improve your mood and sense of well-being.
  13. Use natural cleaning and body products instead of those that contain toxins.

Toxins in the Body: When to Know You Need Help Getting Them Out!

Some conditions that may alert the need for a cleanse include: unexplained fatigue, allergies, sluggish elimination, bloating, puffy eyes, irritated skin, mental confusion, menstrual problems. These are all symptoms of too many toxins in the body. While some experts recommend a yearly detox, anyone serious about doing a cleanse may want to consult a herbalist who can work with them to determine which detox method or program is optimal and healthy for their body and condition.  Doing a cleanse or detox is not for everyone. It’s never a good idea for pregnant women or nursing mothers to go on a cleansing program and many of the programs are too strong for children. People with inflammatory bowel disorders, autoimmune diseases and who are very weak or elderly should approach cleansing slowly since it could make them feel sick.

How to Cleanse the Body using an Herbal Supplement Program

Now that you are able to answer “What is detoxification?” and you know a few ways to detox your body as well as when to cleanse out toxins in the body, here are several incredible cleansing programs we recommend and consider to be the best to optimize your detox experience! Affiliate disclosure: we receive compensation when you purchase or sign up through our links, see Disclaimer for details.

  1. Nature’s Sunshine CleanStart: This two week cleansing program is not only a good “spring cleanse”, but it is a good choice for people just beginning to improve their health with herbs and supplements. Clean Start contains Enviro-Detox, a liver detoxifying formula that helps the body eliminate environmental pollutants. It also contains the LBS II laxative formula and a fiber packet with psyllium hulls and hydrated bentonite. These formulas all work together to eliminate toxic waste, increase energy, improve body balance and harmony, nourish and strengthen the waste-filtering process, nourish the five main detoxifying organs and promote a healthy colonic environment.
  2. Tiao He Cleanse:  One of the best basic cleansing programs in the marketplace, Tiao He means to “mediate harmony”, referring to the formula’s ability to harmonize the function of internal organs by easing congestion in the liver. This cleansing program includes Liver Balance formula, All Cell Detox – a general cleansing formula, the stimulant laxative formula LBS II and Psyllium Hulls – a dietary fiber and two single herbs – Burdock Root and Black Walnut Hulls ATC Concentrate. This combination of Chinese and Western herbs works synergistically to enhance the detoxification activities of the colon, kidneys and liver improving digestive and intestinal function, expelling parasites, relieving inflammation and irritation of the gastrointestinal tract, relaxing abdominal cramping and spasms and fighting infection.

Any cleansing program is most effective when you integrate a semi-fast by refraining from junk food, avoiding refined sugar, white flour products, heavy meats and dairy and consume mostly whole grains, legumes and fresh fruits and vegetables. You will also want to drink a lot of water. For maximum effectiveness, be sure to integrate as many of the additional suggestions as indicated above.

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